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Maintenance Enforcement Program

The Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) enforces agreements or court orders requiring support payments for a spouse or child. The MEP can take steps to enforce agreements or orders for support after they are filed with the court. Either party can register with the MEP.

Registration with the MEP does not guarantee payment or regularity of support payments. The MEP takes all possible steps to attempt collection of support payments set out in a court order or agreement. When the program collects money from the paying parent, that money is paid to the receiving parent.

The MEP has reciprocal enforcement agreements with all Canadian provinces, some U.S. states and some countries overseas that may assist with the collection of maintenance from respondents who reside outside the Yukon.

Please read the following information before you decide whether or not to enrol in the MEP:

To register with the MEP, you will need to complete the on-line registration form and return it to the MEP office along with an affidavit setting out any arrears that may be owed to you.

Register with the Maintenance Enforcement Program:

Contact Maintenance Enforcement Program

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Maintenance Enforcement Program
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